Meribia is the management software that grows with you. A fully scalable TMS that offers different solutions according to your needs. With Meribia you have comprehensive control of the information of all your company's operations in a single management software.

Logo Meribia Transporte

Meribia Transporte

Management software for transport companies. Control and manage all the operations of your land freight transport company. Scalable and customized TMS.

Logo Meribia Bus

Meribia Bus

A management software designed for passenger transport companies. It has different versions and prices to adapt to the size of each company.

Logo Meribia Gestión

Meribia Gestión

A management software designed to control all aspects of a company such as warehouse, purchases, billing, POS sales, etc.

Logo Meribia Clinic

Meribia Clinic

Management software for medical consultations. A multi-user, multi-company and multi-currency solution, fully configurable and adaptable to the needs of each query.

Logo Meribia Data2Movie

Meribia Data2Movie

3D technology developed by Meribia to digitally replicate real work scenarios of companies. A striking new way of working that is more visual, simple and intuitive.

Logo Meribia Advance

Meribia Advance

Applications aimed at automating daily tasks, regardless of the department or type of company, facilitating the work of users by offering the automation of tedious tasks.

Why choose Meribia as transportation software?

  • TMS flexible and scalable: Meribia adapts to your needs, we carry out customized programming to offer a totally personalized product. Our modules help you grow and scale according to your needs. It is a vertical TMS that allows integration with the rest of your company's solutions.
  • Comprehensive control of operations: Thanks to the automation of processes, with Meribia you have access to detailed reports of all the activities and processes of your transport company. It brings together information on transport operations, dispatch operations and financial information in a single software.
  • Personalized training: At Meribia we carry out personalized training so that you obtain better performance in the use of our management software.
  • Technical support: Our technical support team is with you from day one to offer you full coverage. A software made by people, for people.

What does a TMS like Meribia do?

Fleet Management Icon
Fleet Management

Provides a detailed picture of the transport company's operations.

Workshop Management Icon
Workshop Management

Plan and order truck maintenance and keep track of the expenses that are generated.

Analysis of results Icon
Analysis of results

Detailed information on the results of the activities carried out with Meribia to increase productivity and competitiveness.

Document Management Icon
Document Management

Management of delivery notes, CMR, invoices, expense receipts, etc.

Human Resources Icon
Human Resources

Manage tasks related to carriers.

Intuitive design Icon
Intuitive design

Simple interface so that the user experience is dynamic. A work environment with all the necessary tools for the maximum performance of the activity.

More than 500 companies have chosen us as a digitizing agent.

At Meribia we help you with the management of your Kit Digital. We accompany you in the digitization process of your company, advising you and implementing the solutions that best suit your needs.

Application period extended to December 2024

More than 500 clients have chosen us to digitize their company

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In Meribia we help you with the management of your Cheque Moderniza.

Satisfied customers with Meribia Transport

"Software 100% recommended for any transport company. One of the things we like the most is their treatment, a great technical support team. Close, professional team and always giving us a solution."

Vicente Monzó CEO

"The best management software we have worked with so far. They facilitated the integration with the rest of the systems that we use in the company without any type of problem. They themselves propose us to incorporate novelties that finally become needs. A great program and team."

Carlos Barros Manager

"After contemplating several options we opted for Meribia thanks to the recommendations. The value for money is fantastic, they offer a fairly complete product. The implementation was quick and they trained the entire team, giving us everything we needed to work quickly and optimally."

SP6 Consulting
Daniel Savall CEO

"With Meribia we control all the information involved in fleet management. The program gives us a detailed overview of everything we need. The most complete TMS of all that we have seen."

Luis Alabadi CFO

"Nearby company, enterprising company, very good professionals. In short, a team to trust and up to the task."

Leovigildo Contel National Director

"The support team: committed and with in-depth knowledge of the software, the learning curve: although we started from scratch, it has been a very positive evolution, the ability to integrate with our own systems and those of our clients, which has helped to automate repetitive processes."

Francisco Mayo CTO

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